The group's business is subdivided into two areas, production and distribution, both organised in a number of business units, directly under the control of the parent company.

The company's philosophy has always been to seek to control production sources worldwide, ever since the earliest days of the business.
R.E.D. Graniti owns quarries in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Brazil, the United States and Finland. Most materials extracted from its own quarries are shipped to its yards at Massa and Verona (Italy), Vigo (Portugal), Szczecin (Poland), Antwerp (Belgium), Rijeka (Croatia) and Vitoria (Brazil).
Some materials are sold directly in the production locations.
The Massa headquarters is linked to 9 other trading companies, in the focal points of the world's stone markets (Spain, France, Poland, India, Brazil, the United States, South Africa, China and Switzerland). As well as its long-established raw block distribution, thanks to modern processing plants, R.E.D. now also offers a large range of semi-finished products ready for the creativity of architects, designers and a more and more discerning clientele, to whom it offers the logical, natural solution to their complex needs.